We are the innovators in reentry by cultivating supportive relationships.

We operate from a position of neutrality that is inclusive to all.

What makes NFP different is the personal connections made with those we serve. The desire to serve is the driving force behind our mission.

We do this through peer-to-peer relationships, focusing on those reentering the community after prison.

The NFP Difference

Prison Mentorship

We maintain mentorship relationships with thousands of inmates, helping them prepare for reentry into the community, referring them to various locations across the globe.

Post Incarceration Resources

Assistance in obtaining: ID Card, Drivers License, Social Security Card, I.O.P. Services, Housing Assistance and Placement. We can help resolve legal matters, employment issues and restore driving privileges.

Parole Partnership

New Freedom Project maintains a partnership with the Parole Department that allows our members access to their parole officer with on-site parole officers.


Assistance with clothing for general needs along with clothing for the workplace. We also provide hygiene kits for all of their hygiene needs.


From the moment they leave the prison facility we provide transportation to and from all appointments.


On an as-needed case by case basis NFP provides scholarships to our mentees.