mission Statement

We provide critical human services that protect the community and inspire dignity by empowering the innate goodness in every human being.

Core Values

Servant Heart

Servant Heart is our first and all-encompassing core value lived out in our community interactions and embodying all our core values. A Servant Heart focusses on serving rather than being served. As a Servant Heart leader understanding that empowering your team is key to bringing out the best in
each of them. The desire to serve at every level is the driving force behind our success as individuals and as a community.


We are courageous in seeing situations from the other persons perspective. We experience fear but we are not driven by fear, we courageously wield truth balanced with grace to inspire people to become better versions of themselves.


We are authentic, accurate and timely outwardly and genuine inwardly in both word and deed regardless of circumstance or external pressure.


We are compassionate, demonstrating humility, empathy, accurate observation without judgement and acting in all circumstances in helpful directions. We not only feel the burdens of our fellows, but we help with carrying their burdens as circumstances warrant.


Tenacity is our uncompromising pursuit of positive outcomes. The right thing to do is never the easiest path but it is always the right path. We will always persevere in the face of adversity in the pursuit of righteousness.


The introspective person is one who is a watcher of their own thoughts and emotions apart from those thoughts and emotions. This trait is critical in the helping vocation so that leadership and therapy alike are sparked by inspiration rather than through intimidation.


The New Freedom community is restorative. The energy felt when walking into a New Freedom facility is rooted in the healing restoration of people. The second chances that inspire peace and hope come from the fundamental guiding principle that returning to the community is righting a wrong. Justice is served by lives well lived after a difficult start.